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A local counselling service supporting you and your community

Mental health does not discriminate, affecting people of all ages and from all walks of life. Your Space Time CIC wants to introduce more people to the benefits of counselling and we continue to help destigmatize the concept of what is ‘normal’, that its okay not to be okay and talking with a skilled listener can be healing and lead to self transformation.
We are seeing a gradual shift in attitudes with more men and a greater diversity of people seeking out counselling as a positive and significant source of support, moving away from more rigid and traditional views of therapy. 
We believe in working with difference and pursuing a shared vision, one which can help us all to make a positive and sustainable impact in the world around us. Improvements in wellbeing through counselling can create the awareness to facilitate lasting change across all areas of society and be a catalyst to the restoration of community health. 
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3hrs of paid counselling

YST gifts

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1 hour of community counselling 




YST's activities focus on local communities, the areas and organisations which suffer most from a combination of economic and health burdens. These include poverty and higher unemployment rates; socio economic conditions that make it more difficult for people living in these environments to achieve positive life outcomes. This includes but is not limited to; council estates, state schools, the homeless, marginalised groups and ex-offenders.


These individuals have suffered the most from a decade of austerity. They are the most exposed to rising levels of mental health issues, suicide and violent knife crime. We are seeking to reverse this trend in a sustainable fashion by providing paid for counselling to businesses and the private sector and use revenue earned to help subsidise the free provision of counselling for the more vulnerable members of society.

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