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YourSpaceTime CIC (YST) is a sustainable, localised response to what has been broadly described as a national crisis in Mental Health, with a focus on supporting individuals who are likely to experience difficulties accessing psychological therapies and cannot afford private practice.


At a time when much is made of the economic polarisation of society, we hold firmly to the belief that there are common needs and strengths across all people. YST can help businesses take care of their employees counselling needs, as well as an opportunity to fund counselling in their communities.


Research evidence about the effectiveness of counselling overall is relatively unambiguous: counselling does work. For a wide range of psychological distress, both subjective client reports and more objective measurements indicate that counselling is effective. It’s about early intervention and providing access to support. Waiting times can last months, even years and for many that wait is too long. This only encourages the pervasiveness of medication in society.

The name YourSpaceTime is two-fold: we want to provide a convenient, safe space for individuals to open up and reflect in a way which significantly improves their well-being; at the same time we want to raise local awareness of mental ill-health and foster a sense of unity by facilitating a collaborative approach to remedial action within a given community.

“We live in a society that exploits the poor.
It is time to give back”
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