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At the beginning of 2020, we piloted a mobile counselling service in Kingston Upon Thames for vulnerable residents who were finding it difficult to access talking therapy. It was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Ideas & Pioneers programme and acknowledged by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 
100% of clients who entered the mobile service thought the space was welcoming, easy to find and cosy. Some of those with previous experience of counselling preferred the space to their prior settings, saying it was a more comfortable environment.
82% of service users rated their experience 5 out of 5 

It is important to consider that many in our community do not have the privacy or equipment to access online or telephone support. Technology has its shortcomings with poor reception or unstable connections and the winter months make telephone counselling outdoors an unappealing option. As a result of the transition to virtual platforms, a recent phenomenon known as Zoom fatigue has become widely prevalent that suggests there is a mental and physical toll that come with it. 
Even though there are practical advantages to telephone and online counselling and evidence to show its effectiveness, we also understand that relationships are based on our physical, emotional and psychological presence. We came up with the pod to provide a convenient, neutral and confidential space for workplaces and communities who can struggle to find a suitable and consistent room. Families and Individuals can also choose to access support through our pod which will save them valuable time.

Our pod is heated, soundproof and available day and night 

Furthermore, the pod will be a signposting resource for people to find out more information on the available services to them. With more disenfranchised residents having lost faith in the system and with less suitable spaces available to the community, the pod has a purpose along with other mobile provisions to deliver a service, in this case an essential one, to those who find it increasingly challenging to take that first step.
Key benefits of our mobile service
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The professional service is conveniently delivered to your work place/community of choice.

Allows for therapy during the workday, which saves at least two hours in commute and session time.

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A service that can be provided in numerous locations and can be accessed by foot in under five minutes.


Creates a different headspace separate from work & home life for employees/citizens, thereby enhancing the therapeutic experience.

your space time -17.png

The luxury motorhome offers a neutral and consistent space with no neighbouring walls or colleagues to interrupt your time.


Our goal is to design the first counselling pod, one of the most facilitative and confidential spaces available to therapy.

All prices will include insurance and assume that YST will be allocated a parking space on-site from which we can operate our counselling service. Prices and details can be tailored in response to a specific request. The pod will be available September 2021 for use in London

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